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As a musician, there is nothing more satisfying for me than releasing new music. It's a powerful thing. Maybe it's in being able to have nothing on a Monday and by that Friday, channeling something that will outlive both me and everyone I know. Maybe it's in the magic...

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Of Life and Love

On the 12th of July 2014 I had a powerful experience with Gugu Zulu that will stay with me for life. Gugu, his wife Letshego, my wife Zama and I were out at a crocodile farm which offered zip-line slides over the crocodile pits. The notion of harnessing yourself to a...

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The Sobering Podcast

The podcast platform has become one of my favourite content dissemination formats. Podcasts are unapologetically subjective in their agendas, biased in their view points and without much regulation, opinionated, sometimes even to a fault. And I love them!Some of the...

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For The Kids

What is up with human beings and this need to impose personal ideals on others? I think it's important to have an opinion on matters as well as voice that position, that makes sense to me. But the forcing of that view down other people's throats giving no choice or...

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Moves in The Movement

Watching the video to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" is a powerful experience of the spirit of fun, sass and youthful confidence. Just by watching this video I get an idea of the head-space of the people represented here; who they are as well as how they see their world. I'm...

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Out of The Book of Proverb

"Instead they waste lines thinking they're hip They make an ass out of themselves for thinking they on some shit" That quote is one of my favourite lyrics from Tebogo 'Proverb' Thekisho. The double entendre is superb and I agree with him when he implies that fellow...

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I was raised in an environment that nurtured wordplay by default. When most of us speak in an African tongue, there is always use of colourful language; at times with descriptive words for emphasis, vivid metaphors and striking similes, often with sound effects and...

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