As a musician, there is nothing more satisfying for me than releasing new music. It’s a powerful thing.

Maybe it’s in being able to have nothing on a Monday and by that Friday, channeling something that will outlive both me and everyone I know. Maybe it’s in the magic of the collaborative process that happens between numerous people to get this creation out to the world. Or maybe it’s in the way I as a creative play a role in sparking ideas or evoking emotion in others; in doing that, changing the world just a little bit. Whatever it is, it’s a powerful thing. Here’s a breakdown of some of my thoughts on the songs in Wav_ One.

First Contact

I’m a huge Trekkie. I’ve been a fan of all things Star Trek for decades; books, the various TV series and movies. When Lavabeast sent me the original beat for First Contact, the initial image that came to mind as I played it was of deep space. I pictured a signal being fired out through the galaxy and unexpectedly being received somewhere. Then just as unexpectedly, the signal is returned, changing reality as we know it; First Contact.

The song is also the first one we recorded, as well as the opening track in the project. But what makes First Contact truly special for me is the use of the Star metaphor throughout the entire song. Some references made in the song are a blatant play on this theme, others more subtle.

Also implied in the song is the notion of going beyond your ordinary, tapping into a space much bigger than your notion of limitation. I think that’s what interaction with extra-terrestrials would do for us. It would let us know once and for all that we are not alone. More importantly it would fling us into a reality much, much bigger than we’ve become accustomed to.

I hope you enjoy unwrapping these and other nuggets as you listen to the song over time. I’d also love to hear what you think and hear in the music. Tag me on twitter @zubzlastletta and let me know.

“It surely has been a long time coming. We get some new music from the OG himself, Zubz, and he collaborates with acclaimed producer and musician, Peach Van Pletzen “…more


Where do we derive our sense of self worth? Is it in the amount of money and stuff we’ve amassed over time? Is it in how smart we think we are? Is it in our last names? Is it in how beautiful we look?

Buy.Spend.Take is my way of beginning this conversation. The song is written in first person to personalise the question, “What makes me feel valuable?” In the song I suggest that, if from day 1 we are fed the narrative that we are worthless UNTIL something happens (eg. you make money, or get a higher academic qualification, or get married, or have social standing or political power)…then maybe we’ll miss the real seat of value within us.

“What’s it take to get Zubz out of an eight-year hiatus? Peach van Pletzen apparently has the major key. The musician, of Yesterday’s Pupil fame, approached Zubz after a chance meeting reunited them. And what’s bound to happen when you put two musicians in a room together?”…more on FDBQ MUSIC

Over time I am starting to realise that something as abstract as time itself is of more value than a lot of what I give weight to. If we spent more time, taking time out for the people that we love and who take time out for us, we may discover true wealth and value.

This is my intention with the song, but as with all songs different ears will pick out different gems. What do you pick out of Buy.Spend.Take? Hit me up on twitter @zubzlastletta and let me know.

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