Of Life and Love

On the 12th of July 2014 I had a powerful experience with Gugu Zulu that will stay with me for life. Gugu, his wife Letshego, my wife Zama and I were out at a crocodile farm which offered zip-line slides over the crocodile pits. 

The notion of harnessing yourself to a cable and sliding suspended over giant crocs made no sense to me. Zama wouldn’t ever even consider doing a hike up a hill let alone zip-lining, dangled over these beasts. Gugu and Letshego however, immediately signed up for the adventure; laughing with the farm staff and owner as they got harnessed in, cracking little jokes between themselves about random experiences they’d shared in the past. 


Are you guys sure you don’t wanna come?

Just before they climbed up to the platform leading to the first pit, Gugu turned to us and asked, “Are you guys sure you don’t wanna come?”

It might have been the way he asked; without any pressure at all, that inviting excitement in his voice. It might have been how super chilled Letshego and him were getting into this mini adventure. What ever it was, it was so infectious it had both Zama and I change our minds and harness ourselves in too!

Seeing Gugu and Letshego slide across the croc-pits, trying to out-do each other with mid-pit body poses, laughing throughout, was awesome. Zam and I joined in and had a total blast.

Since then, I’ve seen Zama conquer her fears on many other expeditions the two of us have had together.

It wasn’t solely about bravery though. That day Gugu taught me about what it means to be in the moment; to value each opportunity you get to live your life to the max. To share your adventures with those you love the most and in doing so experience the fullness of joy and love.

#RIP #GuguZulu

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