The Sobering Podcast

The podcast platform has become one of my favourite content dissemination formats. Podcasts are unapologetically subjective in their agendas, biased in their view points and without much regulation, opinionated, sometimes even to a fault. And I love them!

Some of the podcasts I stream regularly on Soundcloud include the hilariously informative¬† ‘The Read’ with Crissal and Kid Fury, ‘Arsecast’ & ‘Arsecast Extra’ from Andrew and Gunnerblog James, ‘The Game Podcast’ with Gab Marcoti, ‘The Guardian Football Weekly’ with Jimbo Richardson and from right in our own backyard, ‘The Sobering’ with Kitso wa Fratpack and Javas Skolo. Whether it’s my itch for African Hip Hop and Music Culture or Arsenal FC or indeed Information Technology, there is a podcast I follow to scratch it.

Imagine my glee when I got invited to be a guest at one of my favourite podcasts on South African hip hop. Both exciting and educational at once, the experience left me wondering if I should start a ‘cast of my own; that’s how I know I was truly inspired.

We spoke about OG status in the rap game, touched on my weekly TV show on the culture of hip hop in Africa, #AboveGround. I was also asked to give my highs and lows of the recent J Cole concert, including my thoughts on’ lesser’ local artists being cleared out of the backstage area when the headline act arrives.

We couldn’t not talk about the huge SA hip hop milestone of Cassper Nyovest on Sway in the morning. We dissected and analysed it with some interesting points raised. While all these opinions, mine included are only just opinions, room exists for contrary thought and that is the beauty of technology – everyone has the chance to voice their thoughts. That we can chop it up this way, honestly, informatively and in a¬† light hearted manner, is great. That we do it with respect and to build each other up is even better.

Follow @fratpackmusic and @javas_skolo on both Instagram and Twitter for more. The Sobering is available free to stream on Soundcloud.

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