For The Kids

What is up with human beings and this need to impose personal ideals on others? I think it’s important to have an opinion on matters as well as voice that position, that makes sense to me. But the forcing of that view down other people’s throats giving no choice or say, that is beyond me.

As with most social ideologies that are rooted in the dominance of one person over another, it’s likely rooted in fear. Fear that one’s own perspective may not in turn be respected. Fear that a whole lifestyle is under threat. Fear that one’s very life is endangered. No matter where the fear comes from, history has proven time and again that actions born from a place of fear don’t make for great outcomes.

There is more to be gained than lost from the fact that we are all different.

Black students in Apartheid South Africa were given no choice but to learn all subjects at school in Afrikaans. On this day 40 years ago, an uprising against that followed, ending in the spilt blood of many young men and women. Four decades later, an indivudual in the US decides to end lives because he disapproved of their sexual orientation; imposing his own views with chilling finality on the families and friends of over 50 people. Simultaneously, a small group of excitables ruin the wonderful experience of a continental football tournament in France, putting folk in hospital, hundreds of lives in danger, marring what is supposed to be a beautiful moment in sport. All this because there are people among us who insist on imposing their perspective on everyone else.

I understand that we need to collectively guard what we hold dear and that when these values come under threat, it’s important to act. But I also believe in tolerance and respect. I believe in operating from a place of love. Over and over again we are shown how the opposite leads to nothing but hurt and pain, yet over and over again we keep repeating acts of gross intolerence and hatred.

There is more to be gained than lost from the fact that we are all different. Instead of working to homogenise society, surely we should look into promoting those unique qualities that offer the opportunity to learn from each other and grow. It’s just weird to disagree with someone so strongly that you choose to end them completely. That’s just too animalistic for me; too Game of Thrones-y.

Here’s how I roll;
– If it works for you and doesn’t impede on others, go ahead.
– If it’s not for me, I keep it moving.
– If it’s not for you, keep it moving.

For everything else that blurs these lines, there is robust debate, intelligent dialogue and most importantly, respect. In 2016 you would think we would be grappling with the realites of living in harmony with species from different planets! But no, we are still having to diligently and with unrelenting fervour fight the many layers of inequality; fighting those who desperately want to impose their beliefs on others.

We have got to do better. For ourselves, for each other, for those that society tries to push aside and erase. But if nothing else, we have to do better for the kids.

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